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Dunnavant Steel Works is based in Richmond, Virginia, but we will travel to your location to offer you the expedient, quality craftsmanship you are looking for.

We offer certified welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and alloys with SMAW, GMAW and GTAW processes, as well as mobile plasma cutting.

Industrial Plants; Chemical, Power and Process

We have over 20 years of experience in industrial metal fabrication, including the removal, repair and replacement of structural steel, platforms, stairs, handrails, hoppers, conveyors, Piping and equipment in the industrial plant industry. Whether the work involves maintenance, demolition, fabrication, rigging, relocation, installation, alignment,  mobile welding, plating or lining, we are here for you.

We have over 10 years of experience in the power plant industry’s emission scrubber maintenance and repair. We specialize in planning, coordinating, and working the task from conception to finalization.

We have certified welders for all your welding repair and fabrication needs and will test to the procedures needed.

Commercial Clients; Warehouse, Property Management and Material Handling Companies

We can install dock levelers and vertical lifts, as well as the fabrication and installation of bumpers, bollards, stops and guard-rails for equipment protection from forklifts. Designing and/or the building of guards for the protection of personnel from pinch points to rotating equipment and parts. Offering custom safety guards fabricated for the individual needs of each hazard.

We can provide welding repairs to damaged columns, uprights, doors, hoppers, dumpsters, gates and fencing

Industrial Heavy Equipment; KG blade, Loaders and Dozers

Plating of loader buckets and dozer blades, as well as hard-facing of teeth, cutting edges, and flights
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